This site and blog is dedicated to my musings on computer security and privacy.  This site, now known as Hidden Creative Industries, was formerly known as Blue Monkey Labs. Buried within this space are even a few personal areas dedicated to a few projects that I think are worthwhile endeavors.  I created this site out of a need to spread the IT Security knowledge.  I find myself, on a daily basis, reviewing information such as security sites, blogs, news articles, etc., in an effort to stay on top of what is going on in the industry.  I decided to share that information (or at least some of the important stuff).  I started by sending emails to groups, writing a blog and putting stuff up on social media sites.  After a while it became to cumbersome a task and decided to consolidate it all in one spot.  Then if you want to subscribe to a twitter or RSS feed you are free to do so, and I won’t be sending out emails to the masses.

That being said, what my website is all about is attempting to convey all the above into one site rather than trying to have a blog here and a security website there while having a personal site over there.