Hackers Turn Credit Report Websites Against Consumers.

The most important tool consumers have to fight against ID theft has been turned against them by hackers, msnbc.com has learned. Websites that offer consumers a chance to see their credit reports are being brazenly used by hackers to steal victims’ information.

The prices of the reports rise and fall depending on the credit score of the victim. For consumers with credit scores in the 750s, report data might fetch $80; reports from victims with scores in the low 600s sell for about half that, according to “for sale” pages viewed by msnbc.com.
It shows how people with good credit and a net worth now have a bull’s-eye on their backs,” said Dan Clements, who operates the Internet security firm CloudEyez.com. Clements gave msnbc.com a virtual tour of the marketplaces, which he has been observing for months.
Source http://redtape.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/03/26/10875023-exclusive-hackers-turn-credit-report-websites-against-consumers