Comodo Pwned Again…

Comodo admits 2 more resellers pwned in SSL cert hack. Comodo has admitted an additional two registration authorities tied to the digital certificates firm were hit by a high-profile forged digital certificate attack earlier in March. No forged certificates were issued as a result of the assault on the other victims.

Comodo previously admitted the compromise of one of its partners in southern Europeallowed a hacker to generate bogus SSL certificates for many popular Web sites. These certificates were revoked hours after they were issued, but the incident only became public after browser developers, such as Microsoft and Mozilla, published updates. The certificates create a means to mount convincing man-in-themiddle or phishing attacks. Earlier the week of March 28, an Iranian hacker claimed responsibility for the assault. Comodo has now discovered two more registration authorities (also unnamed) were hit by the same attack. Comodo’s CTO said the company was in the process of rolling out two-factor authentication products to its registration authorities, as a safeguard against future attacks, which will take about 2 weeks. In the meantime, Comodo has promised to review validation work by resellers before issuing certificates, rather than trusting the entire process to resellers.